The Revolution series is Feminist Science Fiction. The first book published in the series was What to Wear to The Revolution.

Prelude to Revolution is in development. (That means I am still writing it.)


Excerpt, What to Wear to The Revolution

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The Magic series is Hero Fantasy Fiction. If you liked the Kings and Queens of Narnia, you will like the wizards, beasts and children of Lo. Book One - Naming and Book Two - Wild Child are available now.

The Rarest Thing is in edit. (That means it is written but I'm not satisfied with it yet.)

Excerpt, Naming

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The Origins series is Young Adult. The primary characters are young adults and teenagers. Duh.

Excerpt, Kadmon.

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Melody Curtiss


Melody Curtiss is an author, a human rights activist and an attorney.


Who occasionally enjoys hanging out with pikkas, scongyas, and dragons.


Don't take my word for it.

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