Author, Activist, Attorney

Melody Curtiss resides on both coasts.


I am involved in many advocacy projects. Some I do for a livelihood, like legal work, assisting nonprofits and small businesses, and other professional consulting through SRP.  Other projects are driven by my humanity, such as the work I'm doing with the #ResistHate movement.


A small footprint and a lasting impression.


Never stop questioning, thinking, imagining and write it all down.

Writing as:


Kelley Robinson

Hero Stories

Kelley Robinson stories focus on characters who find their inner hero and follow their better instincts.  The characters are as complex as those in my adult fiction, and their challenges are just as difficult - if not more so, because the heroes tend to be children and their villains rise from their perspective of relative innocence.  If you like the Kings and Queens of Narnia - you will appreciate the heroes of Lo.


Melody Curtiss

Attorney at Law

My technical writing, manuals, handbooks and legal opinions are not nearly as interesting or entertaining as fiction. They have paid the rent, however. If you include opinion writing and blogging - I can get pretty obsessed and passionate.


Melody Curtiss

Feminist Science Fiction

This is my new favorite genre, although I am also writing in Young Adult and my Kelley Robinson series, and those are technically different genres, most of my fiction has an element of science to it - and all of it is feminist.

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